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Best Female Film / TV Actor

Ellen Page

Halifax’s own Ellen Page continues to impress with her savvy career choices. Last year’s Inception was the biggest and smartest blockbuster action movie of the year, and she was a big part of it. This year she was in a comedy called Super with her Juno co-star Rainn Wilson, which disappointingly we never got to see here, but upcoming expect her in Bill Condon’s TV movie Tilda with Diane Keaton and the next Woody Allen picture, Bop Decameron, set in Rome and starring opposite The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg.

Everyone loves Ellen. No, it's true.
“Homegirl can represent.” “She's ours. And, she's cute as a button.”

First Runner-up: Molly Dunsworth
Second Runner-up Mary Colin Chisholm

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