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The Superfantastics

Winners at the merch table, and on the Tube, The Superfantastics always keep it clever. Drummer Stephanie d’Entremont says that the merch highlight for her and for singer/guitarist Matt MacDonald was the 3D artwork for their seven-inch EP Choose Your Destination, which they followed up with a 3D video for “Rites of Spring,” shot on a cold winter’s day. “We thought 3D art with 3D glasses would be a great idea and Mike Holmes was very excited to work on it once we approached him with it,” she says. Holmes, who also designed the duo’s Pop-Up Book album, took the band’s idea of the “two of us travelling through different dimensions and places in space and time,” and transformed it into a Superfantastic 3D timewarp. D’Entremont says she’s still dedicated to making the band’s popular slap bracelets, too. “They seem to be a big hit at the merch table, especially at all-ages shows. Sometime I’m reminded of my age when the younger fans haven’t seen slap bracelets before, so we are kind of introducing them to some for the first time, where as most of our friends remember them from elementary school. I love finding new colour combinations, I don’t think anyone enjoys them as much as I do.”

Merch First runner up: The Stolen Minks
Second runner up: Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees

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