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Best Dressed Artist / Band

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees

Photo: Robin Heart Hiltz

Once again Halifax’s stylish set looked to Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees---Rebekkah Higgs, Colin Crowell, Sean MacGillivray and Jason Vautour---for advice on plaid versus pattern, stovepipes or floods. Higgs, who has a keen eye, is always on the lookout for the next gem. “I found the perfect purple sequin dress for under $10 at the Sally Ann. However the best part was when I realized that worn backwards it looked even better! I also just picked up a gold and black crazy detailed vintage sequined dress in Vancouver. It has a very strong ’80s country-and-western superstar vibe, but I think in the right setting I can pull it off. I am like a magpie---I am attracted to anything metallic or sparkly. My best vintage find is a pair of purple suede Gianni Versace shoes at VV for $8. They are well worth over $400!” Higgs is anxiously waiting for a dazzling Ruby Jean jean jacket, courtesy of YTV’s PJ Phil, who now owns a custom jacket company.

As for those hijinks, Higgs says that they’re all about the clothes, too: “Costume changes are not just for Cher and Madonna,” she says. “I did five costume changes at our CD release, and Jvo (Vautour) usually layers up with red nylon one-pieces, speed-skating style, so he can strip down on stage, to sequined vests and pants. I also love to interact with the crowd, pouring champagne from stage into their mouths, singing into their faces, crowd surfing or dancing in the middle of the crowd. Shows are at their best when the crowd plays along.”

First runner up: Tupperware Remix Party
Second runner up: The Stance
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