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Best Canadian Band


Although you’d be hard-pressed to find a Wintersleep member around town these days---most of the band relocated to Montreal---Halifax music lovers have big, loyal hearts. You set last year’s Best Local Band free, and they came back as Best Canadian Band. They haven’t forgotten about you, either; even on their way down to the sunny climes of SXSW, Wintersleep still found time to write: “Obviously, Best Canadian Band is a bit of a hefty concept:) Although we certainly will and DO accept it [YES!!!!!] from the lovely Coast readers, it is hard to take it with a complete 9am coffee-sipping straight face, as there are so many great bands that we admire and take inspiration from that come from the different areas of this vast and amazing country we call home. The gesture though, the fact that the nod comes from Halifax, is something that we certainly take very seriously. Living and being a band there for so long is and will always be a big part of who we are. The Coast writers and readers have been always been so kind. That support is something we’ll never forget. Thanks so much. We’ll be back soon!”

First runner up: Hey Rosetta!
Second runner up: Matt Mays & El Torpedo
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