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Best Second-hand Record Store

Taz Records

Taz is a whole lot more than used records, though they definitely still do that. “We’re doing a lot of new stuff on vinyl and on CD,” says John Graham, the self-described regular know-all person. He points out their wide selection of turntables and accessories, appealing to both the DJ and the vinyl fanatic. “We teach the kids how to handle them,” says Graham, who also says new Taz t-shirts are doing a healthy business. “People like to have little souvenirs” of the iconic store. Taz also does a mail-out business, easily accessed through their website ( and has a hit list of music for the keen collector: you give them the album name that’s a hole in your collection, and it comes into the store, they call you. 1593 Market, 422-5976

1st Runner-up: CD Plus, 1592 Barrington, 422-1559

2nd Runner-up: Select Sounds, 1475 Bedford Highway, 835-3274

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?