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Best Second-hand Bookstore

John W. Doull Bookseller

“A monument to the written word,” is how longtime employee Phil Laugher describes the great bookstore at the corner of Barrington and Prince. Potential customers should not be afraid of the teetering towers of paper. “Despite the outward appearance, we know which pile to look in,” he says. He also warns not to expect any serious changes in the way the store operates. “The stacks will always be there. I feel a little like Sisyphus,” says Laugher, laughing. For those who haven’t been by in awhile, check out the new aisle of German history books and “a very nice selection of literary first editions.” 1684 Barrington, 429-1652

1st Runner-up: The Last Word Bookstore, 2160 Windsor, 423-2932

2nd Runner-up: Trident Booksellers and Cafe, 1256 Hollis, 423-7100

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