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Best of Halifax

Best Men’s Clothing Store

Dugger's / D2

Men of Halifax who are conscious of their style haunt Dugger’s for their best dress and business wear, while heading downstairs to D2 for the more casual, hip and club-friendly threads. Word on the inside says at Dugger’s the wool coats are flying off the shelves, typical of the time of year, while the a new line called Boss Selection, from Hugo Boss, is making some deep impressions. Also popular this fall, the full zip sweaters, French cuff shirts and lots and lots of stripes, in both the shirts and the ties. Consider yourself informed. 5476 Spring Garden, 425-2525

1st Runner-up: Biscuit General Store, 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

2nd Runner-up: American Apparel, 5466 Spring Garden, 422-5038

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