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Best Massage Therapist

Michael Butt

Michael Butt is seeing his business thrive. “It’s phenomenal,” he says. “It takes a few years to build a rock-solid base and that’s really starting to happen.” He says when you work this closely with people, you need to be personable, and he’s a friendly sort. “I think it has something to do with me,” he says of his success. “I’ve built some great relationships with people.” He also offers craniosacral therapy, involving massaging the skull, which can be enormously beneficial in specific cases. “It’s certainly an aspect of my treatment I’d like to build,” says Butt, who is aware that massage therapy can be a brief career due to the constant physical stress on the therapist. “It’s so much easier on my body.” Fairview Chiropractic & Massage Centre, 25 Titus, 405-5433

1st Runner-up: Lisa McNeil, Care One Chiropractic, 6030 Almon Street, 445-2885

2nd Runner-up: Jamie Lynn Chediac, Sore Spots Massage Therapy, 1990 Barrington Street, 492-6439

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