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“We have an amazing bunch of people, the best regional hairdressers in town,” says company president Malcolm Norton, who extends his compliments to everyone in house, including new international hairdresser Sara Gregni and the people at the front desk who help give anyone who comes in the door the full “Thumpers experience.” He’s thrilled to mention Thumpers now carries the salon-based products by Frédéric Fekkai of New York, as well as the popular Bumble & bumble. “Bumble is still our biggest line,” says Norton. “We sent six hairdressers down to the B&B school. I’ve done a business emersion course down there. We’re connected to the most inspirational people in the business.” 1813 Granville, 429-4900

1st Runner-up: Life Salon Spa, 5520 Spring Garden, 423-7771

2nd Runner-up: FRED. beauty food art, 2606 Agricola, 423-5400

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?