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Best Fitness Instructor

Adrian Osmond

Osmond is a Master Level Personal Trainer, which sounds as though he has a black belt in personal training. He kind of does. “This means that I have a minimum of four certifications, a number of years experience and a client retention rate high enough to earn the position,” he writes in an email. “I can deal with even the most advanced clients, work with injuries and illnesses and that following my guidelines, clients are ensured to succeed.” If all this sounds a little intense, he also offers this caveat: “My clients love working with me because I know how to give them results they want. They see a positive change and they have fun doing it. If it's not fun, it's not done.” Nubody’s Fitness Centre, Park Lane Mall, 425-2348

1st Runner-up: Ryan Lee, One-to-One Wellness, 1535 Dresden Row, 425-3775

2nd Runner-up: Adrian Vienot

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