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Video Difference

We keep hearing that the internet and subscription delivery services will render DVD stores obsolete. The folks at Video Difference aren’t bothered by these rumours. “People are very tactile,” says owner Tom Michael, who says business at their two locations, the 24-hour Quinpool store being the mothership, is very strong. “It’s hard to visualize if you don’t know the title. And we have it immediately.” With 50,000 titles, expected to grow to 70,000 by this time next year, Video Difference is a DVD rental juggernaut. Hugely popular right now are the international TV series box sets, especially the hardboiled HBO drama The Wire. The retail side is doing well, too, says Michael. “If we can replace it, we’ll sell any title to the customer.” 6086 Quinpool, 425-3029

1st Runner-up: Blockbuster on Queen

2nd Runner-up: Blockbuster on Quinpool

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?