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Joe Thomeh Kwik-Way

Since 1977, Joe Thomeh and his family-run business has been there for the community, a convenience store with friendly service and a smiling face on the other side of the counter. Also popular with the locals are the ready-made lunches “A La Mom,” including chicken alfredo, black eyed pea dips, pasta salads and soups. “We look after them,” says Thomeh of his younger customers, many of whom are students, a change from when he first opened up his location on Cornwallis and there were more families in the neighbourhood. “Teenagers, all day and all night,” he says. “We like them.” 5580 Cornwallis, 423-7976

1st Runner Up: Jubilee Junction, 6273 Jubilee, 422-6957

2nd Runner Up: Big General Store, 6070 South, 422-2231

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