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Going into their 21st year, Peak Audio is still what they started out as, a high-end audio store. What they’re also doing now is custom home theatre and entertainment, and moving into home automation equipment. And what is that, for those of us not in the know? “You can control anything you can think of in your home from a single touch pad,” says manager Chris Sweet. “Lights, heat, video cameras. You can surf the internet using a portable wireless touch panel. Using your iPhone, you could turn on your Jacuzzi from two continents away.” And people might be surprised at how many turntables and vinyl-related music equipment they still deal in, for everyone from DJs to people who just want to listen to their old records. 2813 Agricola, 455-7325

1st Runner Up: Brooklyn Audio, 463-8773

2nd Runner Up: Future Shop, 208 Chain Lake Drive, 450-7200

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?