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For those who don’t know when an item of furniture goes from being a collectable to being an antique, well, it depends. Owner John Beatty, who has been running Urban Cottage for over six years, explains that in Europe an antique has to be 100 years old, whereas here in Canada, we are a bit more flexible. Then there’s the question of dishes, knickknacks and other items, which have their own rules. And there’s the vintage category, which deals with items from the 1950s. It’s probably best of you just go by the store and talk to Beatty, he’ll explain it all to you and send you home with a treasure. “If you stand in the store long enough, you’ll find something you can’t live without.” 1819 Granville, 423-3010

1st Runner-up: Finer Things, 2797 Agricola, 456-1412

2nd Runner-up: Geddes Furniture and Antiques, 2739 Agricola, 443-3337

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