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Worst Thing To Happen In Halifax In The Past Year

Chebucto Road Widening

No surprise here. Though the people living along that stretch of road were up in arms, though transit advocates were irate, with Coast readers amongst them, the trees came down and the roadway is being widened. A flashpoint event, it was never really about this piece of land or the taxpayers’ expense, it was about the principle of the thing, an example of the small-mindedness and band-aid thinking that keeps Halifax from being everything it could be. It’s also a reminder of the absolute failure of amalgamation, that the needs and priorities of people in the suburbs and the sticks are simply different from those living downtown, and unless we somehow find a way to reconcile them, we’re all going to be screwed.

1st Runner-up: Keith Urban or any concert that ruins the Common

2nd Runner-up: Celine Dion fiasco

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