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Best Music Photographer

Chr!s Sm!th

The man with the double exclamation marks must need a trophy case!! This year Sm!th also picked up Music Nova Scotia’s Visual Artist of the Year and was awarded best photographer at the ECMAs, where someone decided to take half of his exhibition home. “The Mona Lisa got stolen once too so I’m taking it as a compliment,” says Sm!th. When he’s not snapping, the photographer enjoys the finer things, like “drinking a 45-year-old bottle of scotch with Joel Plaskett Emergency while doing a shoot. OK, that was technically over a year ago, but it was REALLY good scotch so it still deserves a mention.” But don’t worry, Sm!th isn’t going all Trump: He says, “Thanks to all the musicians who work with me. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be designing ads for law firms and real estate companies while eternally pondering the same question, ‘Is it five o’clock yet?’”

First runner up: Sarah DeVenne

Second runner up: Richard Lann

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