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Best Artist / Band To Dance To

Windom Earle

Many of you ordered “beef chow mein!” making Windom Earle your favourite moving karaoke-disco-pop-dance-Bon Jovi bonanza. “The secret of a good party is for it to be spontaneous with lots of surprises thrown in,” says ringleader Stephan MacLeod, who once broke his arm during a festival and still continued the set. That’s dedication to the dance cause. “We don’t put much planning into the set and try to do things slightly different from show to show.” MacLeod, high off a show the night before with pal BA Johnston, apologizes if he’s sentimental. “Playing music with friends for our friends makes us feel so lucky, so any opportunity we get to share the fun we are having with new people is an unexpected bonus to being in this band. There’s not a lot of money to be made in a band with six members, so watching people dance and act crazy is ourbiggest reward.”

First runner up: Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees

Second runner up: Shameless

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