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Best Artist / Band Hijinks

The Sorrys

“I’m not sure how we won this. I can only assume Gunt’s fans don’t have computers and Scribbler’s fans are too stoned to use theirs,” jokes Sorrys vocalist Trevor Millett. He describes his band’s award-winning hijinks as “too messed up to walk but we can still dance. Too messed up to talk but we can still sing. There’s just always something. Mostly I get told about the crazy stuff later (even when I’m at the centre of it), so it would be hearsay if I was to provide particular examples. And I’m not given to hearsay.” The success of The Sorrys and their appropriately titled album The Last Clear Thought Before You Fall Backwards doesn’t fall into hearsay territory though: the band is runner-up for best band to get trashed to, be blown away by, new band and best in the city.

First runner up: Windom Earle

Second runner up: Bloodbath

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