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Best Album Artwork

Mike Holmes for The Superfantastics, Pop-Up Book

Much more than just The Coast’s True Story comic artist, Mike Holmes is a master at shrinking people down into sweet Peanuts-sized cartoons. “Everybody’s got physical ‘landmarks’ about them that you can distill into a cartoony version,” he says. “It’s just simplicity---using the fewest lines to make the character recognizable. Some people definitely lend themselves to caricature, others I have to draw and redraw to get them down.” His charming aesthetic is a perfect fit for The Superfantastics---he also directed their Best of Music video “Tonight, Tonite.” Holmes says, “Matt, Steph and I think in the same cute ways. Our ideas overlap---we’re a Venn diagram made of people. They’re really easy to work with; very, very accepting of ideas, but not afraid to speak up when it’s not working. It’s awesome, probably the best professional relationship I’ve had.”

First runner up: Jenn Grant, Orchestra for the Moon

Second runner up: Katherine Taylor for thomas/richard, The Promises We Make

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