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Best Karaoke Night

Bearly's House of Blues & Ribs

“The kids are always super,” says karaoke host Mimi Andriopoulos. “But I don’t know what to attribute our wins to. I guess it’s a great room to party in.” He says he doesn’t dwell on the quality of the singers, because that’s not the point, but he does recommend a few of the regulars and their golden tonsils. Mostly, though, it’s just about fun, no one takes it too seriously. And the early ‘80s stuff is still king, in terms of song selection. “People want the old stuff,” he says, laughing. “The majority of the songs came out before some of these kids were born.” Bearly's House of Blues & Rib 1269 Barrington, 423-2526

1st Runner-up: Oasis Pub and Eatery, 5675 Spring Garden, 422-2227

2nd Runner-up: Cheers, 1743 Grafton, 421-1655

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