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Best Dressed Artist / Band

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees

Ruby Jean fashionista Rebekah Higgs admits to a slight addiction to thrift-store shopping. “Whenever I am on tour I always try to find the time to pop into the local Salvation Army or local vintage stores to see if I can find anything. Most of the dresses I wear for Ruby Jean and for my solo shows were found in random cities across Canada.” The Ruby Jean gold jackets and sparkly outfits are from American Apparel because “I really like to support that store, not only because tons of my friends work there and come out to all our shows, but because the clothes are sweat-shop free.” Our second runner-up for Best Local Solo Artist is also a big fan of local designers like Gary Markel (he created the luminous white dress in her press shots), Rachel Denkers, DeuxFM and Kat Taylor, who makes all of her merch, including knitted brooches, signs, chocolates and bunnies. Want the Higgs style? Check out Lost and Found, Sweet Pea, Biscuit and Elsie’s.

First runner up: The Stance

Second runner up: The Got To Get Got

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