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Now full time in the studio, Paul Hammond and Seth Smith have been busy with their trade, “album covers, posters, t-shirt designs and stuff like that,” writes Hammond in an email. At Nocturne, the city-wide nighttime art show in October, they premiered a series of anaglyphic (red/blue) 3D art prints at the Blink! Gallery, called Three Dee Realms (open until November 10). “We're hoping over the next year or so to shift our focus from primarily design to primarily art,” says Hammond. “We're definitely going to continue doing posters, and album covers, and all sorts of things... but I think that the success of this show was really what we needed to prove to ourselves that we should be spending more of our time working on art, which is really what we want to do anyway.” Yo Rodeo

1st Runner-up: James White

2nd Runner-up: Rachel Parsons

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