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Best Male Theatre Actor

Ben Stone

Ben Stone, is, like his fellow co-director Sue LeBlanc-Crawford, up to his eyeballs in Poor Boy, the new Zuppa Circus production slated to show at Neptune in February. “It’s taking the majority of my time,” says the founder of the 10-year-old, cutting-edge theatre company. For the show he has to play piano, which he’s been taking lessons on for a few years, when he’s had time, though he admits he’s currently at a “grade 2” level. That’s some stones (no pun intended) he’s got right there, given in a few short months he’ll be performing in front of people, playing music by local music wizards Dave Christensen and Dave MacIsaac. Break a leg out there.

1st Runner-up: Jeremy Webb

2nd Runner-up: Stewart Legere

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