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Daniel MacIvor

We’ll leave it to MacIvor himself to fill you in on what he’s been doing of late, in an email you can just tell was typed at furious speed: “Currently I'm in Montreal working on the script of a new play called Redemption with the second year students at National Theatre School. I just got back from Washington DC where I was directing my play A Beautiful View, which I'm hoping to direct in Halifax next year with Kathryn MacLellan and Jackie Torrens as the two characters. Confession is also a new play that Ann-Marie is directing at Mulgrave Road right now, it will play Guysborough, Truro and Chester, end of October, early November, no Halifax dates yet. Confession and Redepemption are the first and third play of a trilogy I'm working on called The Hunger Trilogy. The middle play is Communion which I've been working on at the Banff Centre. Phew. Best, Daniel.” (Oh, and, PS: he won the Siminovitch prize, worth $100,000.)

1st Runner-up: David Connellan

2nd Runner-up: Anthony Black

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?