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Trailer Park Boys

They said it was gone, they said it was done, they said seven seasons were enough. You know, except for one more TV special, and a 2009 sequel to their box office-busting feature film, entitled Countdown to Liquor Day. Now we have it from a reliable source that season eight might still be in the cards. Never say never with these boys (and girls). The fact of the matter is they all still love doing it, working in the summer, offering up the kind of highbrow local culture that Nova Scotia tourism just loves. Well, maybe not, but John “Lahey” Dunsworth has done voiceover work for tourism TV commercials, though more with the gravitas and the aerial scenery and less with the drinking and the moustache and the swears.

1st Runner-up: This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC

2nd Runner-up: Live at 5, CTV Atlantic

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Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?

Are you going to ride your bike through the winter?