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Argyle Fine Art

Argyle has extended its gallery space into an adjacent building, a constantly changing project room filled with a variety of different styles and shows, called Blink!, as in “blink and you’ll miss it,” says Argyle Fine Art owner Adriana Afford. The new exhibitions don’t stop there, however, with Afford looking into potentially utilizing more spaces downtown and finding studios for visiting artists. At Argyle this month, check out Chr!s Sm!th’s collaborative piece REPIXX, work from Craig Gunn and New Brunswicker Adam MacDonald, and starting on the 20th, Argyle Fine Art becomes a weekly music venue, starting with a songwriter’s circle. Expect to see Whiskey Kisses and Carmen Townsend gig there in the future. 1869 Upper Water Street, 425-9456 Argyle Fine Art

1st Runner-up: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1723 Hollis, 424-7542

2nd Runner-up: Gallery Page & Strange, 1903 Barrington, 422-8995

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