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Monique Ryan

You may know her from her full-back tattoo of a snake and a cherry blossom tree, inked by her boyfriend, Andy Ferrier, who you can find elsewhere on this list. The 26-year-old Ryan has been belly dancing for 10 years, starting when she was in high school and a friend invited her to a ballet class, which was, in fact, a belly dancing class. Fast forward a decade: She’s now an expert in Tribal Fusion, a “darker, earthier, more snake-like,” style of belly dancing, utilizing any kind of music (Ryan likes electronic, DJ, Indian-influenced stuff). You can catch her in her occasional performances with Cabaret Serpentine, with fellow dancer Laura Selenzi, as well when she’s on stage with Pink Velvet Burlesque. Or head down to Studio In Essence (1717 Barrington, 405-5500) and sign up for a class: She also teaches.

1st Runner-up: Corey Bowles

2nd Runner-up: Gwen Noah

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