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Best Male Film / TV Actor

John Dunsworth

Having recently wrapped up shooting the first sequel to the enormously popular Trailer Park Boys movie (“it’s a tour de force,” he says) the multi-talented builder/sculptor/writer/casting agent/director/teacher/auctioneer/actor who plays Jim Lahey has plenty of other projects on the go. He and his TPB sidekick Pat Roach plan a tour of points west, until the west meets the east, with a November sojourn to Afghanistan. He also has a film project in Cuba unrelated to trailer parks or days full of liquor. In the mean time he’s writing a book, a “murder-mystery sci-fi paranormal” novel with the working title of Temporary Insanity. It started with a 3:30am bit of inspiration, but now is more a matter of Dunsworth trying to collate all his notes and focusing the narrative. “It’s not heavy, not deep, not thick… it’s dense.”

1st Runner-up: Mike Smith

2nd Runner Up: Brian MacQuarrie

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