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Best Second-hand Clothing Store


“The store is more about the space,” says owner Maureen Court. “The clothes are here just to decorate the place. People come in to hang out.” A consignment store that caters largely to the university crowd, Court has seen her business grow over six years in existence, selling jackets that go for $200 (“people are shocked to see a Burberry coat”) to items considerably less dear. “I have a $2 bin that has become famous for its slightly damaged merchandise. But not all of it is damaged.” If something doesn’t sell within three weeks, Court will often mark it half price. “It changes from day to day.” 1530 Queen, 425-2599

First runner up: Junk and Foibles, 1533 Barrington, 422-7985

Second runner up: Lost and Found, 2383 Agricola, 446-5986

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