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“Our box-set selection. We stand out in that respect,” says manager Paul Boisjoli. He’s not kidding, with over 3,000 box-sets in stock, you can take home a whole season of a new (or classic) TV series or thematically connected movies, for one or two weeks. The Quinpool location caters largely to the university community in town by filling the rep theatre gap with an outstanding selection of indie, foreign and documentary films. Plus, its open 24-7, for the insomniac cineaste. “We do big business late at night,” says Boisjoli. 6086 Quinpool, 425-3029

First runner up: Blockbuster Video, 1119 Queen, 423-4550

Second runner up: Blockbuster Video, 6024 Quinpool, 422-7365

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