Best Music Photographer 2007 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Music Photographer

Chris Smith

After a win at the Music Nova Scotia Awards in November and a score at the ECMAs in February, this is the last of the big awards Chris Smith could win. “Huge thanks goes to all the dirty hairy musicians crazy enough to work with me,” he says. “Without you, I’d be designing art for blank CDs and taking photos of empty stages. I couldn’t possibly name everyone who deserves to be mentioned here, but to scrape the surface I’d like to give a tip of the hat to Matt Mays, Joel Plaskett, The Novaks, The Divorcees, Pogey, The Superfantastics, Wintersleep, The Letter Unfolds, JSB, The Contact, Jamie Sparks and the Halifax Pop Ex.”

1st runner-up: David Cieplinski, 2nd runner-up: Robin Hart Hiltz

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