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Mezza, 6386 Quinpool Road, 444-3914,

When Tony Nahas found the location for Mezza, in a former Chinese restaurant on busy Quinpool Road, he knew it was perfect. “We wanted something central,” Nahas says. “People kept talking about parking, but it’s not about parking, people are going to come here for the food. You want to go downtown to il Mercato or Seven or Opa!---anywhere downtown, there’s no parking.” Looking ahead he envisions great things for Mezza and for the street as well, predicting that Quinpool will become the next hot destination in Halifax---a future Spring Garden Road.

But what’s really special about this contemporary Lebanese restaurant---besides a rich menu of over 30 mezzet and entrees---is the fresh interior design by Peter Ghosn, dramatic in its clean lines, natural elements and warm lighting, all pivoting on a unique engraved hardwood ceiling that Nahas says took over three months to install. A private room is comprised of four tents, which can be altered to make room for parties of any size, from six to 40. And the attention to detail is paying off: since it opened, Mezza has been busy. “It’s very good,” says Nahas. “The food’s very good, the ambiance is good, the restaurant is good. Everything’s great.”

1st runner-up: Mosaic Social Dining Lounge, 1584 Argyle Street, 405-4700,
2nd runner-up: Gio, 1725 Market Street, 425-1987

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