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Best Male Film / TV Actor

John Dunsworth

When reached on his cell phone, Dunsworth is on The Queen of Coquitlam in the Vancouver Harbour, on tour with partner-in-crime Pat Roach (who plays Randy to his Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys) to a whole lot of popular acclaim. The two are on tour of the other coast. “The further west we go, the more they love us,” he says of playing to university crowds, tapping into the core of the TPB fanbase. Though his colleague Mike “Bubbles” Smith has owned this category in other years, Dunsworth’s status as a renaissance man (charitable auctioneer, sculptor, writer, casting agent, director, mentor) precedes him. Still, he seems a bit surprised by the honour. “Mike Smith is pretty darn good,” he says.

First runner up: Mike Smith

Second runner up: Jeremy Webb

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