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Best Camera Store


Manager Daryl Clarke says that you can’t seem to get enough of those digital cameras. Now you can pick one up at Carsand-Mosher that’s 10 megapixels. That’s dope. He just wishes that you would bring more photos in to get printed. “It’s funny, we’re taking more pictures than ever before, but we’re getting less printed.” Which means that the staff can’t laugh at your booty shots anymore. Not that they would---everyone there is a professional. But Clarke does have a good point. “These are your memories. And hard drives don’t move around or mail very easily.” 1559 Barrington, 421-1980

1st runner-up Atlantic Photo Supply, 5505 Spring Garden, 423-6724

2nd runner-up Carsand-Mosher, 201 Chain Lake, 450-3030

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