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Mark Stender

Although Mark Stender sees similar problems and illnesses in both students and his patients who are not students, he says that often there’s a separation in the underlying issues. “I treat every individual uniquely,” he says, “but often a student, getting ill either physically or mentally in the quick span of a semester, is dealing with time constraints and other stresses too.” Stender, who is also trained in sports medicine and treats Dal varsity athletes, says there are many students here from Ontario, who are “away from home for the first time and coping with the stress of that, too.” Dalhousie Health Services, 6230 Coburn, 494-2171

1st runner-up Glenn Andrea, Dalhousie Health Services, 6230 Coburg, 494-2171

2nd runner-up Elisabeth Gold, 5880 Spring Garden, 429-5338

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