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Best Councillor

Dawn Sloane

No one could ever accuse four-time winner Dawn Sloane of lacking in the enthusiasm department. “I wake up happy every day knowing I get to do this job,” she says. Celebrating the defeat of the Midtown development---Sloane was the only councillor who voted against it---she says that after travelling to New York, Toronto, London and Dublin, she saw how good-quality modern buildings can happily co-exist with heritage buildings. If only council was as compatible. Sloane says opposing all of council can make you feel like a “lonely little petunia in the onion patch.” District 12, Halifax Downtown, 490-4752

1st runner-up Sheila Fougere, District 14, Connaught-Quinpool, 490-4087

2nd runner-up Sue Uteck, District 13, Northwest Arm-South End, 425-1724

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