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Jesse Dangerously

Although it’s been a great year for Halifax hip-hop regular Jesse Dangerously, he recently stumbled upon some bad luck, losing his job in property law. Hopefully his first win as best rapper in Hal-town will cheer him up. “I was fired yesterday, so I would say that rap is my living,” he says. “It’s quite the rollercoaster. This is definitely the yin to that yang.” Outside of this misfortune, Dangerously AKA Jesse McDonald has a lot to be happy about, releasing his third full-length, Inter Alia, in 2005, which earned him a MIANS award for best urban album. He has no plans to hold up in 2006, touring in the spring as well as playing the upcoming Canada Music Week festival. “There’s no financial concern that keeps me doing it,” Dangerously says about his sole occupation. “It’s strictly for the fact that it’s a great community. Sometimes it’s intensely gratifying to connect with people on an artistic level.”

Runners-up: Classified, Buck 65

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