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Best Live Music Venue

The Marquee Club

The Marquee Club may not have a cabaret license anymore, but it’s found a niche in the Halifax music scene as the venue for special events. Some of the best shows of 2005 played out at The Marquee, including Broken Social Scene with Stars last winter; the K’Naan performance at the Halifax Pop Explosion; Matt Mays and El Torpedo; and perhaps one of the best shows of 2005, the Joel Plaskett Emergency/Thrush Hermit reunion on New Year’s Eve. Upcoming shows include Wintersleep and Sam Roberts. “Above it all, there’s a magic to The Marquee that I can’t even describe,” manager Ash MacLeod says. “There’s just something about the club. Some say it’s the decor, some say it’s the ambience. I think it’s everything.”

Runners-up: Stage Nine, The Attic

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