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Best Musical Instrument Store


“Whether you’re in a band, or you’re a new band parent, chances are we’ve got what you’re looking for,” says Musicstop’s marketing manager Emily Huner, and chances are that your next stop will be the Musicstop on Cunard. Defeating its closest rival by a wide margin, Musicstop must be doing something right. Huner attributes the store’s success to a combination of factors. “We’re really a one-stop shop for anyone who needs anything related to making music,” she says. “We’ve got supplies, repairs and rentals under one roof, and lessons upstairs.” Musicians on a budget appreciate the musician-friendly financing and the clearance centre sales. And did we mention their summer rock camp? Oh yeeeeaaaah. 6065 Cunard, 496-6900

1st runner-up Buckley’s Music, 6208 Quinpool, 429-5588

2nd runner-up Halifax Folklore Centre, 1528 Brunswick, 423-7946

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