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Frog Hollow Books

Tucked away in the middle of Park Lane Mall, Frog Hollow is the Haligonian book lover’s favourite destination. It’s stocked to the brim with books, and knowledgeable, friendly staffers are always on hand to help. Owner Mary Jo Anderson says, “We’re small but we’re passionate—we’d rather have one copy of 10 different great books that you might not be able to find anywhere else, rather than 10 copies of a book you could buy in the grocery store.” Oh, and did we mention the great in-store events? With readings by high profile authors such as Ian Rankin or Frank McCourt, and a fantastic birthday party (watch for the 22nd celebration this February), Frog Hollow makes you wonder why people buy books anywhere else. Park Lane Mall, 429-3318

1st runner-up Bookmark, 5686 Spring Garden, 423-0419

2nd runner-up Woozles, 1533 Birmingham, 423-7626

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