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Alexis Klenck

Alexis Klenck has been a licensed hairstylist for three and a half years, but she’s been doing hair for much longer than that. In elementary school (“like grade 4 or 5”), she copied her sister and dyed her hair blue-black. She loved it; her mom, not so much. But that was just the beginning and Klenck, now 23, hasn’t worn her hair natural since. Some clients are happy to leave all the choices up to her, but Klenck prefers collaboration and the less adventurous should be thankful; her favourite high school hairdo was “a true Mohawk in colours turquoise, pink and purple. I thought it was pretty cool.” Life Salon, 5520 Spring Garden, 423-7771

1st runner-up Jay Wells, Jay Wells Salon, 5187 Sackville, 422-3532

2nd runner-up Chris Green, Thumpers, 1869 Granville, 429-4900

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