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Best-looking Local Band


It takes a lot to look good, especially while ripping through “American Pie” an hour and a half into a two-hour set. But not for Shameless, who also took home Best Cover Band. “It’s a lot of hair gel,” lead singer Shawn Birt jokes. “I can see the Vidal Sassoon endorsement coming. No, just kidding. All of our friends are probably going to give us a hard time now.” This is the first win in this new category for the guys in Shameless and it’s probably due to a steady barrage of shows at local watering holes and a fan base that can’t get enough. “We have loyal fans,” says Birt, who won’t reveal who in the band is single. “We see a lot of the same people come out to see us. If we see new people in the crowd, then we will see them again at a later show.” With men this studly, who can blame them?

Runners-up: The Stolen Minks, Wintersleep

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