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Best Thursday night

Argyle Bar & Grill

Johnny Demestihas sighs. The manager of Argyle is still searching for the secret to his bar’s Thursday night success. “If I knew what the secret was,” he says, “I’d stretch it out all week!” It might be the martinis; it might be that the weekend really does start a day early in Halifax. But Demestihas has a hunch that it’s simpler than that. “Really, I think that it’s the people,” he says. “The customers and the staff, the people who are here every Thursday night doing their thing—they’re the real reason.” Now if only he could get all those people to start doing that ‘thing’ between Friday and Wednesday. 1575 Argyle, 492-8844

1st runner-up The Split Crow, 1855 Granville, 422-4366

2nd runner-up Oasis Pub & Eatery, 5675 Spring Garden, 422-2227

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