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Best Brew Pub

Rogues Roost, 5435 Spring Garden Road, 492-2337

Rogues Roost got your vote for best brew pub over the Granite Brewery. “It’s a really great atmosphere,” says manager Julie Pierce. “It’s a nice place to come after work and relax with your friends.” And of course, there’s the beer. “Our brewmaster [Lorne Romano] is quite legendary, he’s won over 30 medals worldwide. We have a beer for everyone, everything from a dark, hoppy English-style brew to a light raspberry that’s popular in the summer.” And if that’s not enough: “The staff is wonderful,” says Pierce, “and the food is good too!”

2nd: Granite Brewery 1662 Barrington, 422-4954

3rd: Henry House, 1222 Barrington, 423-5660

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