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Best of Halifax

Best Beer Selection

Maxwell’s Plum, 1600 Grafton, 423-5090

Maxwell’s solidly trounces the competition for Best Beer Selection—with 60 beers on tap and 160 in total it’s easy to see why. Bartender and server Michael Sampson tells me the best sellers are still our homebrew, Keith’s, followed by Belgium’s Stella Artois. In the summer, he says, Garrison Raspberry does well, as does Strongbow. There’s happy hour on weekdays where you can get a pitcher for 10 bucks, and sample boards—six 4 ounce glasses of beer for only $7.95—let you get a great idea of what’s here. Sampson sums it up best: “If you can’t find it here, you pretty much can’t find it.”

2nd: The Old Triangle, 5136 Prince, 492-4900

3rd: Halifax Ale House, 1717 Brunswick, 422-6484

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