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Best Sex-toy Shop

Venus Envy

No one at Venus Envy seems to suffer from “porn creep.” It’s all out in the open: brightly lit, well organized, with informed, genial staff, Venus Envy takes an educational and fun-loving approach to the business of better sex. When shopping for a new toy, as renting a movie, manager Maggie Haywood suggests, “Romantic comedy or horror may not be your cup of tea, so you need someone to tell you which one you’re getting.” Their best sellers: the Silver Bullet and the Rabbit Pearl, both of which rate under “Action Adventure, with mature scenes and language.” 1598 Barrington, 422-0004

1st runner-up: Night Magic, 5268 Market, 420-9309

2nd runner-up: X-Citement Video, 6260 Quinpool, 492-0026

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