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Best Local Band Name

60 Watt Vamp

Naming a band is a pretty simple task. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at a few of the monikers dominating the billboard rock charts. Was Maroon 5 the band’s first choice, or were Maroons 1 through 4 already taken? Does spelling words with a k instead of a c make it kool, Korn? And what the hell is a Hoobastank? In the end, the only thing that will make a band name memorable is if it’s attached to a decent, well-promoted artist, so you can slap any old title on a group and expect it to stick once it hits the charts. So when a band spends the extra time thinking of a hip, flashy name, it should be recognized and applauded. Therefore, we salute you 60 Watt Vamp. Your mix of power (60 Watt), sexuality (Vamp) and wordplay (60 Watt Amp?) will not be forgotten.

Runner-up: Shameless

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