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Best Thursday Night

Argyle Bar and Grill

There’s just no explaining how a martini night grew into Halifax’s favourite pre-weekend dancing and drinking tradition. Even manager Johnny Demestihos seems a little mystified as to why Thursdays are so successful at the Argyle. “If I could tell you that...” he says, his voice trailing off. Thursday night server John Partridge says the secret is the atmosphere and the patrons. “It gets pretty crazy, pretty packed,” he says. “But it’s still a close-knit group, I know about 80 percent of the customers by name.” 1575 Argyle, 492-8844

1st runner-up: Oasis Pub & Eatery, 5675 Spring Garden, 422-2227

2nd runner-up: Your Father’s Moustache, 5686 Spring Garden, 423-6766

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