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Best New Restaurant

Jane’s on the Common, 2394 Robie, 431-5683

Another close race, the vote for best New Restaurant goes narrowly to jane’s on the common, the chic-yet-casual bistro that’s become the talk of the town. What’s got the buzz going about jane’s? It could be the good food, the uptown atmosphere and decor, but I suspect it has a lot to do with Jane herself. Owner Jane Wright is a charismatic, interesting woman with the added spice of being a former politico. In a banner year for novice dining rooms, Deco placed a respectable second. Last year’s favourites in this category—Baan Thai and Chives—are both still thriving, so it will be interesting to see if jane’s and Deco do the same.

Runner-up: Deco, 5518 Spring Garden, 423-9795

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