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Best Milkshake

the Chickenburger, 1531 Bedford Highway, 835-6565

When he was just a tadpole, Grandpa would saddle up the family mule and head to The Chickenburger for a milkshake. Years later Mama scooted there on her roller skates. Another summer coming, and now it’s me, hopping on my board and cruising to The Chickenburger to feel that velvety coolness in my throat. Grandpa says these milkshakes are still the best. “Made from the same recipe as always,” he says, “and thin so you can get ’em up through a straw. Not like them fast places where you have to use a spoon or near cement your cheeks together suckin’.” He’s been drinking Chickenburger vanilla shakes for 64 years. My mama’s been going her whole life and I aim to go all of mine.

Runner-up: Darrell’s, 5576 Fenwick, 492-2344

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